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The People Behind the Auto Shipping Industry

The auto shipping industry is a well oiled machine built on the vigorous work of three different types of entities. It all starts with the lead generation websites monitored by licensed and insured brokers finally ending up with DOT regulated carriers. Each one of these entities can be considered auto shipping companies. All three are necessary in the industry to help it run smoothly or as we say, a well oiled machine. We will describe each company's roles, how they relate to one another, and why they play an integral part in the industry.

A lead generation website gathers the potential customer's vehicle shipping information then provides the customer with quotes via email or phone call. Once the information is entered into the quote generator, it is sent to various brokers who work with the carriers. They begin to bid for your business, and at this point, the lead generation website is complete.

The role of the brokers is to provide a quote for the customer they received based on the particular route the customer is requesting. The brokers basically act as customer service for both the lead generation websites and the carriers. Once they receive the quote, the broker will call or email the customer in regards to their shipping request. As a customer, you should not just go with the lowest price because it is the lowest price. Do your research, and be knowledgeable about the auto shipping brokers who provided the quote. Research previous customer experiences or their reviews to see what kind of service they had before making a decision to go with a particular broker. Once you find the best solution that fits your auto shipping needs, choose that broker/carrier and ONLY that broker/carrier. Working with more than one broker or carrier can cause more of a headache for you, and potentially a higher price than what was initially given.

After you have found your broker, they will list your vehicle on a load board (generally Central Dispatch) for a carrier to review. If the vehicle is priced at fair market value for that particular route, and a carrier has space available on their trailer, they will call the broker to request your vehicle. At this point the broker and carrier work hand-in-hand to make the shipment of your vehicle run as smoothly as possible. You should be able to get in touch with the broker and/or carrier at all times including weekends. The carrier will pick up, and deliver your vehicle in the time frame given. If any damage occurs during shipping, it is up to the carrier to claim it on their insurance. If they are unwilling, it is up to the broker to step in, and make the claim on the carrier's insurance. After all, you are paying both parties for their services.

As you can see, all three of these types of businesses are needed in this industry for it to run smoothly, and be as efficient as it has. As the saying goes, "you are only as strong as your weakest link". If one part of the equation is weak or missing, the entire process falls apart. And that's why here at Autos In Transit, we believe in providing you with as much knowledge as possible in an effort to help you feel more comfortable with your decision making process.

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